1st press: 8 tests, 330 on black
track listing:
1. Do the Adult
2. Black Bile
3. Sick Leaders
4. Fortune Teller
5. One Big Eye
6. Testy Editors

TOX24: Advlts - Black Bile 7" EP [March 2016]

Advlts is the new-ish outing from members of some of Baltimore's favorite punk bands, like The Fuses, The Uniform, Deep Sleep, and Paper Dragons. Influences range from classic rock 'n' roll like The Saints and Rose Tattoo to British art-punk like Wire and The Fall to early American hardcore like Circle Jerks and The Germs. This is their second EP (their self-titled first EP was released on Southpaw Records) and their first outing with the new line-up featuring Mike Riley (Paper Dragons, Pulling Teeth) on vocals and Brendan Bartow (The Fuses) on guitar. Catchy toe-tappers mingle with short, sharp blasts of punk fury. This is the type of band that fits well playing with well-groomed rockers, sweaty basement punks, and everyone in between.
Comes with a digital download.


1st press: 54 tests (Euro tour press), 100 on red, 400 on black
track listing:
1. Not '95
2. Infinite Growth on a Finite Planet
3. Beginner's Finish
4. Closer To You
5. Gender Binary Bop
6. I Gotta Hold On To You
7. I'm a Nobody (And Everybody Knows It)
8. On-Purpose Racist
9. Body Snatchers
10. Internet Anonymity
11. Minimum Rage
12. I'm Just a Normal Functioning Member of the Human Race and There's No Way Anyone Can Prove Otherwise
13. Comin' Up Milhouse
14. State-Sanctioned Murder

TOX23: The Capitalist Kids - At a Loss 12" LP [July 2014]

Austin's The Capitalist Kids return with their third album, "At a Loss". They continue proving their love for classic Lookout! Records pop-punk bands like The Mr. T Experience and Green Day while twisting the genre up just a bit by alternating between perfectly sweet love songs and perfectly insightful songs of social critique. The major difference this time around is the addition of a second guitar player which helps to make the melodies that much more infectious.
Comes with a digital download code.
Split release with It's Alive Records and Rad Girlfriend Records


1st press: 10 tests / 118 on orange / 440 on black
track listing:
1. Blackened Heart
2. Fake Smile
3. Stumble
4. Everything Has a Name
5. American Gulag
6. Zero Sum
7. Talk For Hours
8. Lazy
9. Kindred Company
10. The Shadow

TOX22: Widows Watch - This Message Repeats 12" LP [January 2015]

Maryland is full of "best kept secret" bands. You know, the kind that quietly write music in their basements and garages, record with their friends, play shows once in a while, and maybe even get to open for their favorite bands from time to time, yet due to jobs, families, and other obligations they are rarely, if ever, able to hit the road and take their music to people that live even just a few hours down the highway. Widows Watch are one of those bands. If you're from the Baltimore area, you may fondly remember bands like Can't Say and Greasegun and their Leatherface/All/Big Drill Car/Doughboys/Sugar worship. Well, Widows Watch is made up of most of those same people (and rounded out with members of Chernobyl Kids and the Gamma Rays) and they still love the same bands. These are songs for people who still believe in the power of music to connect those of us that don't sit quietly while those in charge strip away everything that we hold dear. Earnest songs about the beauty in giving a shit and the ugliness in keeping your mouth shut. Honest songs about the struggles of living with anxiety and depression, and eager songs about sticking it out with your friends and your loved ones by your side. This is their debut LP and if you're lucky it will be the first of many. If you're even luckier you may get a chance to see them play your town. Fingers crossed.
Comes with a digital download code.


1st press: 10 tests / 220 on green / 895 on black
track listing:
1. Sitcom Moms
2. Spaghetti Midwestern
3. The Fire Is Out
4. Summer Streets (Parts 1 & 2)
5. The Best and Worst of Times
6. Pauline
7. Icepick
8. Goodnight, Rosendale
9. Morning Mouth
10. Do You Think About Him? (aka Fucking Photograph)

TOX21: Tenement - Bruised Music, Volume One 12" LP [March 2015]

Tenement began in 2006 with a series of loose demo recordings and singles that married the genres of "Pop" and "Punk" without being explicitly "Pop Punk" and to many, represented the power and urgency of hardcore without actually conforming to the genre itself. These recordings have been compiled here on "Bruised Music, Volume One," which covers Tenement's output on record between the years 2006 to 2009. The influence of 80's punk is strong in the bulk of the material on "Bruised Music", likening the feeling of the Descendents or The Replacements. However, this comparison might seem lazy when you keep in mind that the members of Tenement had long schooled themselves on everything from The Beatles to Big Star, Sun Ra, Coltrane, Black Flag, Husker Du; obscure hardcore punk to Brill Building pop music and all points in between. The period of time represented in this collection is a period of growing pains that paved the way for them to become the band that they are today, and the band that they will be many years from now. "Bruised Music, Volume One" isn’t just for the super-fan looking for a peek into Tenement’s early years and the honing of their razor sharp song-craft, it also offers new listeners a great introduction to the band’s perfect blend of raw punk energy and undeniable pop hooks.

"Bruised Music, Volume One" compiles a total of ten tracks, taken from the Tenement Sucks tape, Dead Broke and Dirt Cult Records mixtape compilations, split w/ Used Kids, split w/ Friendly Fire, False Teeth 7", and Icepick 7". All of the material has been remastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory for one cohesive and superb sounding anthology. The release also features an eight page booklet consisting of liner notes from the band, as well as an assortment of anecdotes and recollections from various friends, journalists, and musical peers reflecting on these formative years of Tenement's career.

Comes with a digital download.

Split release with Grave Mistake Records.

1st press: 10 tests / 35 on black with screen-printed cover / 100 on yellow / 400 on black
track listing:
1. Special Looks
2. What Have You Got To Hide?
3. Claustrophobia (Bee Gees)
1. Little Bird
2. Markers
3. Relocate Me

TOX20: The Capitalist Kids / Tight Bros - split 7" [August 2013]

On one side you've got Austin's The Capitalist Kids churning out the hits on par with previous releases. Here they give us a love song, a timely song about government surveillance, and a cover by a band many would consider the antithesis of punk that they've spun into gold and worked out a tune that will be stuck in your head long after the record stops spinning. On the other side we've got three new songs from Columbus, OH's Tight Bros. This was our first introduction to the band and we got very excited very fast upon hearing these songs. An easy description would be something along the lines of a slightly more pop-punk friendly take on The Marked Men. These are songs for summertime. We look forward to more from these guys.
Comes with a digital download code.

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1st press: 10 tests / 40 on black with screen-printed cover / 110 on blue / 440 on black
track listing:
1. Three Cities
2. Scoop Me Up
3. Hard Math
4. Vacants
5. Into a Wall
6. Hurt Somebody
7. Last Summer
8. Off a Bridge
9. My Young Family
10. How the Day Runs Down

TOX19: Dead Mechanical - OK Night 12" LP [August 2013]

Baltimore's Dead Mechanical offer up their 3rd LP and we couldn't be more thrilled to bring it to you. This is a band we've loved from day one and it's been great watching them grow into the band they've become. Bands like Jawbreaker and Superchunk still hold down the foundation for the sound here, but this threesome has really come into their own with their songwriting, both musically and lyrically. This is easily their best record yet and they show no signs of slowing.
Comes with a digital download code.

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1st press: 10 tests / 40 black/white transitionals, stamped "PDX FORECAST" on paper sleeve and numbered / 260 on white
track listing:
1. Echoes
2. May

TOX18: Industrial Park - s/t 7" single [April 2013]

Industrial Park hail from Portland and play gothic-rock/post-punk in the tradition of bands like Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, and Slowdive. This record would have fit very well among the early 4AD releases. This debut 7" single is just a tease of what's to come. Expect great things from this duo.
Comes with a digital download code.

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1st press: 10 tests / 300 on black
track listing:
1. Ringing In My Ears
2. Highway Cross
3. Old Friends
4. Run Dry

TOX17: Highway Cross - Run Dry 7" EP [April 2013]

Highway Cross is the product of four of northern Virginia's most talented and esteemed veterans of the hardcore/punk scene. Frontman/guitarist Matt Michel was a major force behind Majority Rule and has done time in Cloak/Dagger. Also from Cloak/Dagger is bassist Colin Barth, who plays bass here. Guitarist Ben Tankersley played in DC area favorites, Shoutbus!, and the beast behind the drums is Jake Kregger, who also plays in Triac. The band certainly worships at the altar of Rick Froburg (Obits, Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu) and it shows through loud, crunchy, angular riffs backed by pounding, driving rhythms. Their debut 7" was self-released and certainly piqued our interest, but this follow up really finds the band settling into their own sound which takes the aforementioned influences and shapes them into something uniquely borne by these four fine gentleman.
Comes with a digital download code.

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1st press: 10 tests / 50 on black with blank labels (2012 tour press) / 100 on white / 350 on black
track listing:
1. On My Mind
2. Eagle Thunder
3. Parachute of Gold
4. That's When I Knew
5. Ayn (LP version)
6. Broken World
7. New Start
8. Never Fear, Capitalism Is Here!
9. We Are Each Ultimately Alone In the Universe
10. Socialism Ain't a Dirty Word
11. Weasel
12. Luckiest
13. I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night (Billy Bragg)
14. Three-oh
15. Ericacoustic

TOX16: The Capitalist Kids - Lessons on Love, Sharing, and Hygiene 12" LP [July 2012]

It's pretty rare that we fall in love with a band on first listen, but that was exactly the case when Austin, TX's The Capitalist Kids sent us their new recording. It's really hard not to get sucked in by the familiar pop-punk hooks first made popular by Lookout! Records bands like Green Day and The Mr. T Experience, but the new recording really had us yelling "Hell yes!" when the third song, "Parachute of Gold", kicked in with it's socially critical lyrics. It's easy to find a pop-punk band that can write a catchy song about a new or lost love, but when they can seamlessly flow between a song like that and a song about the growing income gap in this country, it's a really, really special thing. Other often neglected topics in the genre that can be found on this album include the cold-hearted Ayn Rand, Socialist as badge of honor, and the disappointment and anger at famous punk rockers punching women. Don't worry traditionalists, songs about girls are abundant as well.
Comes with a digital download code.

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1st press: 17 tests / 100 on blue / 400 on black

TOX15: In Between - So Steady 7" EP [July 2012]

We first fell in love with their brand of melodic hardcore when we heard their 2010 demo and its homage to bands like Lifetime and Texas Is the Reason (two of our all time favorites). This EP finds the band digging a little depper into some of those classic 90s post-hardcore sounds and gathering influence from additional bands like Silent Majority, Sensefield, and Gameface. In Between are the next generation of Baltimore hc/punk, sharing members with Praise and Sacred Love, and they're ushering it in with style and grace.
Comes with a digital download code.
Split release with Photobooth Records.

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track listing:
1. The Yard
2. Claim
3. Whole
4. So Steady
5. Disassociate
1st press: 10 tests / 300 on red (30 with record release covers, stamped, and numbered)

TOX14: Scum Again - self-titled 7" [October 2011]

Scum Again are a new-ish band out of Baltimore, MD featuring 4 guys who have been around the local punk scene for many years. You may have checked out some of their previous bands like Warpriest, The Squints, Diablero, Mind As Prison, and Plaguewielder...well this band only has the DIY ethic in common with their previous bands. These boys are letting their love for catchy but gritty poppy punk shine through with Scum Again. You'll hear influences from bands like Crimpshrine, Fifteen, and the Broadways. Punk rock with hooks that's a bit rough around the edges and full of piss and vinegar.
Comes with a digital download code.

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[Art 4 Punks layout review]
track listing:
1. Damn, Corey Haim
2. Ghosts and Mice
3. Puppies In Kittens' Clothing
4. Mike's Job Application
5. Old and Jaded Song
1st press: 10 tests / 100 on yellow / 400 on black

TOX13: Sick Sick Birds - Gates of Home 12" [March 2012]

Baltimore's Sick Sick Birds present us with their second long-player which finds them exploring their history as a band with eleven songs that span their existence and their influences (The Clash, The Pixies, The Smiths, Jawbox...). These songs have more of a sense of urgency compared to some of their more whimsical offerings. The melancholy is still there but it's been imbued with a sense of "you lie in the bed you make". With Bobby Borte on a musical hiatus, Mike Hall has taken up primary song-writing duties and his songs speak of snippets of stories whose characters, for better or worse, have followed their own path and deal with whatever may come as best they can.
Comes with a digital download code.

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[Art 4 Punks layout review]
[click here for a track by track explanation]
track listing:
1. Pick and Choose
2. Conversation
3. Marrietta
4. Spinning Jenny
5. One Town Over
6. Caution Wires
7. (Cross the) Shipping Lanes
8. Olive
9. Gates of Home
10. New Shoe Leather
11. Scaffold
1st press: 10 tests / 110 on blue / 440 on black

TOX12: Sundials - Never Settle 12" LP [March 2011]

Richmond, VA's Sundials offer up their first full-length and we couldn't be more excited to bring this to you via Toxic Pop Records. "Never Settle" is 12 toe-tappin' tunes of witty and intelligent indie/pop/punk, with plenty of nods and winks for the bookworms out there. Comparisons can be made to 90s alt/rock greats like Buffalo Tom and Afghan Whigs or more modern groups like the Weakerthans, Cheap Girls, and Spraynard.
Comes with a digital download code.
CD version on Traffic Street Records.

[click here for reviews]
[performing "Crosby Sux" on a Pink Couch session]
[an interview with the band from Critical Mass]
track listing:
1. Either Way
2. Never Settle
3. Good Words
4. 47 Million
5. Green Light
6. Carver Blues
7. San Francisco Courthouse Steps
8. Take You In My Coffee
9. Probably Not
10. In the Dark
11. Crosby Sux
12. Blame
1st press: 10 tests / 100 on yellow / 400 on black

TOX11: Dead Mechanical - Addict Rhythms 12" LP [July 2010]

Baltimore, MD's Dead Mechanical return to Toxic Pop Records with their 2nd long player. "Addict Rhythms" is a collection of 12 catchy, melodic punk tunes centered around the city they call home. Lucas's songs continue to critique the world outside his apartment (and sometimes rather unnervingly inside) with his Blake Schwarzenbach styled raspy croon, while Matt's songs take on a more ethereal tone full of playful hooks a la Superchunk, but the trio comes together in their songwriting to add their own touch to keep the songs distinctly their own. Baltimore can sometimes be a hard city to love, but it's diamonds in the rough like Dead Mechanical that make it a lot nicer of a place to call home.
Comes with a digital download code.
CD version on Traffic Street Records.

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[Stream the album and read an interview with the band at AmpMagazine.com]
[Art 4 Punks layout review]
track listing:
1. Addict Rhythm
2. Sidewalks
3. Baltimore Calling
4. Feathered Creatures
5. Film At Forever
6. Watchpost
7. Last Show
8. A World of Mistakes
9. All These Weathermen
10. Binghamton Calling
11. Pictures In the Hall
12. Under the Leaves
1st press: 10 tests / 10 "blood in the water" red/black/clear transitionals, stamped & numbered / 100 on clear vinyl / 390 on black vinyl

TOX10: Tenement - Taking Everything 7" EP [October 2011]

Appleton, WI's Tenement play some of the best poppy/melodic grunge/punk we've ever heard. We were first introduced to them through their EP on 608 Kisses Records, which was surely a solid effort, but it was their songs on the split 7"s with Used Kids and Friendly Fire that really got us hooked, along with their contribution to the Dead Broke Rekerds vol. 3 cassette compilation. We found ourselves instantly neglecting everything else on these releases to keep going back and playing the Tenement tracks over and over and over. After catching a live show in DC on their tour with Used Kids we fell in love and now we couldn't be more excited to be releasing this 7" single of two brand new songs which will be recorded at the same time as their upcoming LP on Mandible Records. You can hear elements of influence from bands like the Replacements, Mudhoney, Husker Du, and Tad, but the sound is all their own. Both the guitars and the vocals have that perfect balance of crunch and melody and the leads have just enough feedback to give them some grit. We can't get enough. Easily the best band we caught wind of in 2009.
Comes with a digital download code.

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[Art 4 Punks layout review]
track listing:
1. Taking Everything
2. Paper Airplanes
3. Daylight World
4. Jesse's Poem
1st press: 10 tests / 9 "dirty birdies" blue/pink/black transitionals, stamped & numbered / 100 on baby blue vinyl / 100 on pink vinyl / 291 on black vinyl

TOX09: Sick Sick Birds - Heavy Manners 12" LP [June 2009]

Baltimore's Sick Sick Birds present their debut LP, and we couldn't be happier to be involved with this band on their third release. This album is leaps and bounds ahead of what they were doing on their "Chemical Trains" EP, which is one hell of a feat as that record did not disappoint in the least. The songs here are tighter, cleaner, and more vivid. The band takes a bit more of a relaxed approach here, but that doesn't mean it doesn't pack the same punch as it used to, it's blows are just more precise. The hooks are there for sure, they're just a bit more subtle, which ends up making them all the more effective. If you've become used to the band's previous material then this stuff will certainly knock you back a bit, but it's got claws that'll grab you immediately. Elements of 1990s indie greats like the Pixies, Superchunk, Chisel, and Juliana Hatfield are prevalent, but there are also nods to Athens' Elephant Six scene as well. We were quite blown away when we first heard this recording and have no doubt you will be as well.
Comes with a digital download code.

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[Baltimore's City Paper article]
track listing:
1. Buildings
2. Your Machine
3. Second To Last
4. Hearts and Their Minds
5. Sometimes It's the Bone
6. Committees (Need a Champion)
7. I Laid it Down
8. Power Plant
1st press: 10 tests / 100 on solid blue vinyl / 500 on black vinyl

TOX07: Sleepwall - Is That Factual? 7" [September 2009]

Long Island's post-hardcore heroes are back with a two-song single to melt your mind. "Tennessee Sun" on the A-side is a bouncy feedback filled pop jam full of thick melodic riffs and energetic drums. The B-side's "Change Your Ways" is dense and sweet like molasses and hits that sweet spot that bands like Dinosaur Jr, Hum, and Sugar introduced us to in the 90s. Let's hope this single serves as a teaser for an inevitable full-length just around the corner, because this will definitely leave you wanting more.
Comes with a digital download code.

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track listing:
1. Tennessee Sun
2. Change Your Ways
1st press: 10 tests / 5 "zombie blood" green/black transitionals stamped & numbered / 95 on solid green / 400 on black

TOX06: Sleepwall - Come In From the Cold 7" [June 2008]

Long Island's Sleepwall sound like they should be in their 30s in the early 90s trying something new and a bit more melodic after playing in rough and raw hardcore/punk bands since their teens...but they're not. Most of the five guys that make up the band do indeed come from the hardcore scene (and have done their time in bands like Robot Whales, Sick of Talk, and the Agent) but they are in their early 20s and filled with a voracious appetite for all things music-related. It's no surprise then that they gravitated to a sound similar to post-hardcore bands like Sugar, Hum, and even My Bloody Valentine.
Sleepwall's debut 7" EP reproduces that thick and ethereal guitar playing topped with desperately sincere vocals and melodies so sweet you'll wonder how they're even able to fight their way through the riffs. Call it rehash if you like, we're just psyched that today's young ones are digging through their older siblings/friends collections and checking out what the punk pioneers did after their early 80s bands called it a day.
Comes with a digital download code.

[click here for reviews]
track listing:
1. Come In From the Cold
2. Sleepwalkers
3. This World Is Too Dark
1st press: 10 tests / 15 "strawberry cream cheez" pink/black transitionals stamped & numbered / 85 on pink vinyl / 400 on black vinyl

TOX05: Double Dagger - Bored Meeting 7" [June 2008]

Double Dagger is the musical face to Baltimore's graphic design team known as PostTypography, so I suppose it would be fair to call this "art-punk", but don't let that fool you into thinking that this is some pretentious hipster-fest as Double Dagger are quite vocal about their contention of such things. This three-piece (bass, drums, vocals) is doing what all great bands must do, they are taking something tried and true and twisting it and turning it into something new and unique and fun. Bruce's over-driven bass and Denny's tight yet lively drumming combine to create a frenetic and frantic soundtrack for Nolen's sharp wit to weave clever diatribes of our failures as humans. Comparisons could be made to bands like Gang of Four or Fugazi or Wire, but only as far as influences go, not as direct "sounds like" references. Double Dagger are a one of a kind experience who can play alongside art school favorites like Dan Deacon as fluidly as punkrock stalwarts like the Buzzcocks.
If you're new to these guys this is a great place to start before you dig deeper into their previous two full-lengths, and if you're an old fan the Chalmers engineered remix of "I Was So Bored I Wanted To Hang Myself on the Dancefloor" is sure to put a smile on your face.
Comes with a digital download code.

[click here for reviews]
[Baltimore's City Paper interview]
track listing:
1. Bored Meeting
2. Catalogs
3. I Was So Bored I Wanted To Hang Myself on the Dancefloor (Chalmers remix)
1st press: 10 tests / 4 "James River Sunburn" black/white/orange transitionals stamped & numbered / 96 on orange vinyl / 400 on black vinyl

TOX04: Clint Maul - Ninguna Amplificacion 7" [September 2007]

A man and his guitar. It doesn't get much simpler than that. Alright, a harmonica can't hurt either. Clint Maul writes songs for summer night bonfire field parties. Songs to sing on lazy days while tubing down the river with a six-pack of your favorite beverage in tow behind. Songs that are best witnessed live in small corner bars, backyard barbecues, or front porch chill-out sessions.
You may recognize Clint from past hardcore/punk bands such as Bladecrasher and Bombs Away, so you know the guy can write a song, but these days Clint is going unplugged for the most part and bringing us some of the best southern-influenced pop/rock we've heard in a long time. Part Replacements, part Lemonheads, part Jawbreaker, and part Merle Haggard...this stuff is damn good. If you're like us and you love bands like Superchunk and the Doughboys as much as you like Drag the River and Lucero, then you'll have no problem digging this EP right away.
This EP marks the first in a series of 7"s we'll be doing with Clint, all limited to 500. Some acoustic and some amped up. If you've seen him play recently than you should be as excited as we are for what's to come.

[click here for reviews]
track listing:
1. Opposite Luminous
2. Buffalo Tom Song
3. God and Dinosaurs
1st press: 10 tests / 920 on translucent blue vinyl
2nd pressing: 2 "blue velvet" blue/black transitionals stamped & numbered / 498 on solid blue/white vinyl
3rd pressing: 500 on orange vinyl with black and white covers and labels

TPR03: The Ergs - Blue 7" [April 2007]

This two song single features an older Ergs classic ("Blue") teamed up with a sweet cover of a similarly titled song by the poster boys of 90s rock. If you're not yet familiar with the Ergs, and you're a fan of classic 90s style pop-punk from the likes of the Queers, Screeching Weasel, and older punk like the Descendents, do yourself a favor and check them out right away. Along with bands like the Methadones and the Copyrights, the Ergs are the torchbearers for modern day pop-punk. Don't miss the boat.
Split release with Wallride Records.

[click here for reviews]
track listing:
1. Blue
2. Blew
1st press: 10 tests / 100 on white vinyl / 400 on black vinyl

TPR02: Dead Mechanical - Medium Noise 12" LP [September 2008]

After more than a year's wait since the CD came out, the vinyl version of Dead Mechanical's debut full-length is finally here! We dare you not to fall in love with this record. Upbeat and catchy tunes with sweet hooks back up dual vocals, one gruff and nicotine-throated and one eager and honey-coated. The band perfectly blends the sounds of bands like Jawbreaker, Superchunk, and Jawbox to create a sound that you'll be humming endlessly. Lucas' lyrics tell tales and pay equal attention to unrequited love and social/political missteps, taking cues from both Mr. Schwarzenbach and Mr. MacKaye, while Matt's weave fantastical odes to life's inconsistencies, not unlike Mr. Congelliere and his quirky witticisms. This band could easily fit on stage at Gilman or in Chapel Hill in the mid-90s, but thankfully they're here with us now making new music that the kids of 15 years from now will be wistfully imagining themselves seeing at a Charm City basement show in 2008.
CD version out on Sex Cells Records.

[click here for reviews]
track listing:
1. The Only Bad Thing That Ever Happened
2. Guantanamo Calling
3. Messy Apartment
4. New Alchemy
5. Dear Marketing Dept.
6. Please Stop Stealing My Car
7. Let's Get Terrified
8. Fuzzy Math
9. One Act Play!
10. Bled White
11. Information In
12. Shitty Wedding
1st press: 10 tests / 13 "sick sick sunburn" yellow/black transitionals stamped & numbered / 87 on yellow, 400 on black

TPR01: Sick Sick Birds - Chemical Trains 7" [April 2007]

Formed from the ashes of the Thumbs, Sick Sick Birds bring something a bit more mellow this time around while keeping all of the melancholic and sardonic observations of their world in tact. Combining influences such as Superchunk, the Replacements, Husker Du, the Pixies, and the Clash, Sick Sick Birds have managed to supply us with a bunch of songs that'll pull you in with a solid hook and keep you interested with a good story. What more could you possibly want?

[click here for reviews]
track listing:
1. (Revolt with) Perfect Spelling
2. Bullet Goes a Mile
3. The Connects
4. Gag Order